The Paradox of Trust in a "Low" Trust Society: Insights from the Case of Greece- Effrosyni Charitopoulou

Low levels of social trust are widely seen as an impediment to economic development and social cohesion. Trust is measured mainly via surveys: metrics are used extensively in cross-national studies and percolate back to inform societal debates. However, the way in which trust is empirically approached is subject to two problems: measurement bias and the relation between attitudes and behavior. We address both problems focusing on Greece, currently ranked as one of Europe’s least trusting societies.

A Musical Journey to Cyprus: Traditional Songs of Love, Sorrow, and Hope

Throughout history, Cyprus has been variously described as ‘the island of love’, ‘the birthplace of Aphrodite’, ‘the island of saints,’ and ‘the land of lemon and olive trees. In the past half century, Cyprus has also been known as a land of pain and sorrow; an island of division and loss. On this musical journey to Cyprus, Nicoletta Demetriou (voice), Nikitas Tampakis (viola), and Panayotis League (laouto) explore this varied identity, as expressed through the island’s music and song.

Tuning to the Seasons: Feast Songs of Cyprus- Vasiliki Hadjiadamou and Ensemble

Mention of Greek religious music more often than not conjures up liturgical music–singing to be precise, chanting, monophonic or in unison, neumes, modes, an archaic idiom and, its raison d’être, the Word of God. Parallel to liturgical music but independent from it, flourished for centuries an equally rich and long tradition of popular religious songs. Their composition, transmission, orchestration, musical and poetics meters, linguistic idiom as well as the lyrics themselves, are consonant with the Cypriot oral tradition of music and singing.

Can Shared Norms of Good Citizenship Reduce Native-Immigrant Conflict? Experimental Evidence from Greece- Nicholas Sambanis

Nicholas Sambanis joins Yale as the Kalsi Family Professor of Political Science. He previously taught at Penn (2016-2023) and Yale (2001-2016), and he worked at the World Bank Development Economics Research Group (1999-2001). Sambanis is an expert on civil wars, ethnic conflict, and the politics of migration. His writing combines theories and methods from the fields of international relations, comparative politics, and political psychology to study processes of identity formation and change and the ways that identity politics shape conflict outcomes.

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