Faculty Grant Recipients and Research Topics

Sarah Winter, A Sourcebook of Greek Rhetoric: Byzantine to Modern

Kimberly Bowes, Middle Byzantine Frescos in the Adriatic

Langdon Hammer, Biography of John Merrill; Life into Art: James Merrill’s “16.ix.65”

Ted Bromund, History of Olympic Games

Anastassios Kalandrakis, A Relational Database of Individual and Party Electoral Returns in Greek National Elections, 1974-2000

Tassos Kyriakides, HIV/AIDS Collaborative Research Initiative with the Greek Public Sector

Yiorgos Makris, “Who-Is-Who” in Hi-Tech Greece

George Syrimis, Greek Poetry & Lyrics after 1974

Nicholas Sambanis, UN Peacekeeping in Cyprus

Thomas Tartaron, Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey