Maria Kaliambou

July 2023 | ISBN 9781003378914 | 192 pages

This book examines the question of historical awareness within the Greek communities in the diaspora, adding a new perspective on the discussion about the Greek Revolution of 1821 by including the forgotten Greeks in the United States and Canada.

The purpose of this volume is to discuss the impact of the Greek Revolution as manifested in various discourses. It is celebrated by the Greek communities,...

Dr. Elizabeth H. Prodromou is a faculty member at The Fletcher School at Tufts University, where directs the Initiative on Religion, Law, and Diplomacy. She is non-resident Senior Fellow and Co-Chair of the Working Group on Christians and Religious Pluralism in the Middle East, at the Center for Religious Freedom at the Hudson Institute, and was non-resident Senior Fellow in National Security and the Middle East, at the Center for American Progress. She is a Co-President of Religions for Peace. Prodromou served as Vice Chair and Commissioner on the U.S. Commission on International...

The MacMillan Report

Two people in Greece standing at a wall

Tassos Kyriakides: nutrition, public health, and filotimo in Greece

Professor Tassos’ primary research focus is in the area of infectious diseases with particular emphasis on HIV/AIDS and its treatment. He also has an interest in the history of medicine, social determinants of health, and the socio-cultural dimension of the benefits of Greek nutrition. Link to video …

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