Dimitri Gutas, Professor of Arabic and Graeco-Arabic, Yale University

On Monday, February 26, the Hellenic Studies Program at the MacMillan Center hosted a presentation by Dimitri Gutas, Professor of Arabic and Graeco-Arabic, Yale University, on “Hellens, Romans, Christians, Arabs, Turks, Romioi: Greeks Studying Hellenism.” The talk is the first of a series called “Post-Antiquity Revisited” and is dedicated to Professor Gutas, who is retiring.

Professor Gutas states in his article, The Historical and Ideological Dimensions of Graeco-Arabic Studies: The Conquest of Knowledge from Alexander the Great to Meḥmed the Conqueror, “The Graeco-Arabic...

Chris George, Kaveh Khoshnood, and Gregory Pappas

The third installment of the Hellenic Studies Department’s dive into the Greek Seas through the lens of film was on the theme of the Mediterranean as refuge. The two films screened highlighted the unique burden which Greece is shouldering within the Syrian refugee crisis. They all featured “both tragedy and triumph” according to Gregory Pappas, executive producer of one of the films screened, Border Souls, who was joined on the discussion panel by Kaveh Khoshnood of the Yale School of Public Health and Chris George, the Executive Director of Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS...

The MacMillan Report

Tassos Kyriakides: nutrition, public health, and filotimo in Greece

Professor Tassos’ primary research focus is in the area of infectious diseases with particular emphasis on HIV/AIDS and its treatment. He also has an interest in the history of medicine, social determinants of health, and the socio-cultural dimension of the benefits of Greek nutrition.

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