Konstantina Maragkou

Lecturer in History
2008 - 2014

Konstantina Maragkou is a historian. She received her PhD and an MPhil in Historical Studies from the University of Cambridge and a BA in Modern History, Economic History and Politics from the University of London. Her doctoral thesis, which was completed with the support of a number of funding awards, is titled The Wilson Government and the Greek Colonels, 1967-1970. She is currently a postdoctoral associate and Lecturer of Hellenic Studies at the Macmillan Center teaching courses in modern Greek and European history. She was previously the A.G. Leventis Post-Doctoral Research  Fellow at the Hellenic Observatory at the London School of Economics and Political Science. She had also held visiting fellowships at the European Institute of the LSE, the Remarque Institute of New York University and the Hellenic Foundation for Foreign and European Policy (ELIAMEP). Her research interests include Twentieth Century World History and Modern Greek History with special emphasis on Greece’s foreign relations in the post-WWII era. Her current project involves the revision, expansion and publication of her doctoral dissertation on Britain and the Greek Colonels, 1967-1974. On various aspects of this era, she has given a number of presentations at conferences and published articles at peer-reviewed historical journals.